Ski-sploration of your nation

Descend from the wild steep peaks of the northern Rockies, glide through the Dakota Badlands, and go deep into the Northeastern backcountry. Highlands are treasured by both First Nation people and those today seeking to get in touch with nature.
Local Peaks, Local Skiers and Local Music: The Skiing States Series is a video series that starts with a journey to ski each state high point and covers both backcountry skiing/riding and conservation issues. See our short films that use local music and capture the passion for wild areas across the nation. Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - articles below

What's New:

We are gearing up for the release of new Skiing States episodes this fall. See the article on Minnesota and North Dakota to learn more.

See our last full Skiing States episode on Maine's high point Mount Katahdin. See other shorter cuts of skiing highpoints like Mount Whitney or Mount Rainier with music and no commentary on the same YouTube channel.

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