Ski-sploration of your nation

Descend from the wild steep peaks of the northern Rockies, glide through the Dakota Badlands, and go deep into the Northeastern backcountry. Highlands are treasured by both First Nation people and those today seeking to get in touch with nature.
Local Peaks, Local Skiers and Local Music: The Skiing States Series is a video series that starts with a journey to ski each state high point and covers both backcountry skiing/riding, native and conservation issues. See my short films that use local music and capture the passion for wild areas across the nation. Also get backcountry ski history from oral interviews captured from around the country. Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - articles below

What's New:

The many year effort to ski America's roof continues with Skiing States Utah. This mini documentary covers the infamous 36 mile trip to Kings Peak deep in the Uinta mountains. As usual I like to include history, so you will hear about the first ski trips to the mountain in the 1970s. Seet the film HERE >
Full video list on the YouTube channel. Or see the Vimeo channel.

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