Ski-sploration of your nation

Descend from the wild steep peaks of the northern Rockies, glide through the Dakota Badlands, and go deep into the Northeastern backcountry. Highlands are treasured by both First Nation people and those today seeking to get in touch with nature.
Skiing States is a guide and series about backcountry skiing and splitboarding our state high points which includes beta, personal stories and historical background of the places we love. Use articles and videos to learn about the wild heights which should remain conserved for generations. Use low-impact winter sports to explore your nation. Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - articles below

What's New:

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We just finished the Northeastern High Points tour with the help of Liberty Skis. The tour included 4 peaks including Maine's remote Mount Katahdin. Stay tuned on social media for publications and video about the trip. Liberty Skis >

The first Skiing States episode was released in April 2018 on Maine >

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