I’ve used a lot of great gear during my journey through over 20 states. If your company is interested in becoming a partner I have ad space available as well as future productions that could make use of your company’s great product. Having worked in television, marketing and film from MTV Romania to New York over the last 17 years I’m excited to use these skills in production of media products about the wildlands I care most about.  – Mike Whelan

Media products:

10-20 short films 3-8 minutes about each state, or two states in one
40+ articles on skiing high points and issues connected to skiing
200+ Instagram posts planned for this year
60+ Facebook posts planned for this year
A library of 40,000+ photos of skiing from around the United States are available
Terabytes of raw video from around the country will be used in video productions

Market territories close to the heart:

The Skiing States Series is a unique chance to connect with skiers and splitboarders across the nation. Too many campaigns have focused on use of Chugach powder, Canadian Rockies shots and other expensive places which don’t mean much to middle class skiers in most of the country. The market for ski and snowboarding media is saturated with this fantasy footage. This unique series is a chance to put a focus on the forests and peaks that are closest to our hearts. In the image below, everywhere that snow touches, and everywhere within a 4 hour drive of that is your potential new market territory. Contact me for more information.