Treasured Heights is a media producer covering the backcountry ski and splitboard scene across the nation. Our videos start with the Skiing States Series – a quest to ski all the snowy state highpoints from Maine to California. We also have written articles in our Blog about skiing the highpoints and other wilderness areas.

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Current count: 16 short films

Video Listing: (click on links to see the YouTube videos)

Skiing States Series:

A full short documentary on each state, the journey to ski the highest point, and the people there, set to a mix of stock and local music. These are the longest and most refined of Skiing States media videos. Has narration.

High Point Shorts:

Just mountains, the climb, and ski set to music. No narration and short (1-3 minutes).




Outtakes Series:

A variety of subjects including conservation, local animals and skiing shots not used in complete high point descents.

Backcountry Profiles Series:

About the people who have shaped the backcountry and skimountaineering scene in each region. Main page on this series is here.

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About the Skiing States project: