Since 1998 I’ve been bringing video gear into remote areas to capture the beauty and experience of backcountry skiing. The recent Skiing States Series focuses on skiing our nation’s high points and has online media you can view in three programs:

Articles – written with photos and embedded videos

Skiing States – full episodes – 3-10 minutes about each state’s high point with interviews and commentary on the history, skiing, or land issues.

Skiing States High Point Shorts – 1-4 minute videos with only music and condensed footage of skiing each high point. This is useful for backcountry skiers who are looking for visual beta to help plan their own trips.

Videos Released on our YouTube Channel: (click direct links to view)

January-March 2018:

High Poing Short: Mount Rainier via Emmons Glacier
High Poing Short: Nebraska’s High Point and Pawnee National Grasslands
High Poing Short: Mount Marcy, New York
High Poing Short: Mount Hood, Oregon
High Poing Short: Wheeler Peak, New Mexico
High Poing Short: Mount Whitney, California
High Poing Short: Timms Hill, Wisconsin

April 2018:

Skiing States – Maine – a full length episode on Mount Katahdin

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