Local Peaks, Local People and Local Music: A 20 year journey to ski the highpoints of all the snowy states is encapsulated in this series of short films. We meet skiers aged 22 to 85 who love their state and have stories about the state’s highest mountains. In regions that don’t have local backcountry ski culture we talk about the discovery of new terrain and conservation issues during Mike Whelan’s journey.

Meet Vermont’s most talented riders in their 20s, and Utah’s Swanson Brothers, in their 80s, who’ve been skiing the local highpoint since 1974.┬áThis series seeks to encapsulate some of the greatest living skiers in our time, and display what is left of America’s great wildness spots.

Each episode (5-9 minutes each) includes at least some local style music, often by local bands. Discover the beauty of the best Native American flute players in the country, set to the land they call home, or Maine’s bluegrass roots. In some episodes you will learn about the ongoing threats to our nation’s great wild places, in others it’s about skiing the high point. Each place has its own story.

SKIING STATES: full documentaries with narration:

Episode 1: SKIING STATES: MAINE (April 2018)
Episode 2: SKIING STATES: MINNESOTA (November 2018)
Episode 3: SKIING STATES: NORTH DAKOTA (tbr December 2018)
Episode 4: SKIING STATES: VERMONT (tbr December 2018)
Episode 5: SKIING STATES: WYOMING (tbr winter 2018)

High Point Shorts: just music and mountains, no narration:

Latest video:



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