If you ski and splitboard primarily to experience the grand beauty of nature, than you are in the right place. If you only alpine ski, or don't ski at all, we encourage you to join the larger world of the backcountry.

FOR CONSERVATION: Treasured Heights is content about the places we love.  We cover human-powered skiing and interconnected issues like conservation, access, skier history and Native American rights. Our media exists to bring awareness to other non-profits which work to support conservation efforts directly related to landscapes used by skiers and splitboarders.

FOR ALL SKIERS: Unlike other ski-media makers, Treasured Heights is not about the heli-powered class, but real skiers and real places. Everyone can enjoy the terrain in our backyards. We can find extraordinary beauty and fun from Mt. Frissell, Connecticut, to Mount Whitney, California.

Treasured Heights's mission is to make content that inspires people to get into their own state parks, to take skis to new places, and to become active in protecting our landscapes or ancestral homelands. Passion and awareness go hand in hand. Associated conservation organizations >

The meaning of Treasured Heights:

The name Treasured Heights comes from the fact that both settlers and indigenous people on this continent have found wonder in our high buttes, mountains and hills. The crow logo is a symbol of knowledge. We who explore on skis seek to know our landscapes as well as inner selves.

Media Products:

While our video archives started in 1998 on VHS-C video tape, our modern video products just were released last season starting with the Skiing States Series. Learn more about it here.


How it started:

Treasured Heights and the Skiing States series began as a project to ski the snowy-state highpoints. Mike Whelan has worked in television and film for 17 years and wanted to create content that promotes conservation and all forms of human-powered skiing. About the founder Mike Whelan >

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