Treasured Heights is a website about human-powered skiing and snowboarding across the United States. Content highlights information useful for those wanting to explore, and some basic background on public land issues and history.

"Treasured Heights"

Most of us have important memories and experiences on our nation's mountains and hills. From family vacations to transcendent experiences, mountains hold importance for both settlers and our first nation communities. Because human development has altered most of our land area in the name of commercial gain, we must protect the precious minority of wild places that still survive. Backcountry skiing, cross country skiing and splitboarding are a non-invasive way to enjoy and understand our wild places.


How it started:

It all began with a quest to ski the highest points of the states in 1998. Mike Whelan grew up in the rural Northeast backcountry skiing in the Adirondacks. He wanted to explore other states and ranges and figured starting with the high points was a good way to begin.

After 2003 he took a break from the goal as he lived and skied in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe, as well as conducted side trips to the Himalaya and Andes. After 2007 he started skiing the highpoints again. In 2013 he formalized the goal and started shooting for a state-packaged format.

Media background:

Mike Whelan has worked in broadcast television and new media since 2001. See our Videos Page, or our Skiing States page for a list of articles.

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