Skiing States Utah Episode Released

The latest full documentary is out on the Treasured Heights YouTube channel. Kings Peak was one of the hardest highpoints in the US with 36 winter miles of skiing. Most of that distance is flat, which presents more navigational challenges, and requires more effort for skiers. Besides the ~3K of skiing the actual peak at the end, you need to do 16 miles of flat skiing in soft or mashed potato snow to get out. One of the joys of skiing is having a well structured climax of standing on top, then skiing down most of the mountain to the car fast. All the hard work is stacked at the beginning. In Kings Peak the challenge is steady. I did not have the best of equipment, and by the third try I did have much lighter gear, this contributed to succeeding.

In the middle of the documentary you will hear about Larry and Steve Swanson’s story starting the annual Wasatch Mountain Club outing to Kings Peak in March. They talk about doing the peak in two days in 1971, and then doing it in a single day in 1974. Since then they have led trips each year.

Here is the documentary: