Backcountry Profiles: John Egan on Vermont’s Backcountry Skiing

The first Backcountry Profiles episode is out. This sub series is part of Skiing States and features interviews with prominent skiers from each state. Some episodes are a bit of oral history on the region, some on where and how to ski there, others are just a description of the wild places, and finally, some talk about local backcountry skier advocacy organization’s work. TheĀ  John Egan episode is all of the above.

John Egan has been an inspiration for several generations of skiers by skiing for Warren Miller Films. He caught my attention as being an ideal candidate to represent Vermont because of his 40+ year history skiing there and a quote I read in Skiing Magazine in 1995:

“I’ve skied from Montana to Mongolia but Vermont will always be my home.” – John Egan

Here it is (6 min):

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Most footage comes from stuff I’ve shot there over the years. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, Aiden and Steve for lending more modern b-roll of Vermont powder so we can see VT at its best while John speaks. Many shots come from Tyler’s film “Shared Lines” about efforts by local organizations to maintain glades and help backcountry skiers. Thanks to Jon Casler for audio and production assistance.

As mentioned in the video you can check out the advocacy organizations representing regional skiers at the links below. (part of Catamount Trail Alliance)

If you are interested in skiing with John as a Guide he does some cool trips around the globe. He just came back from skiing in Antarctica. His business Feel The Turn is located here >

If you have children, teens and would like them to learn backcountry from the experts you can check out the programs John mentions at Sugarbush >

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