Skiing States North Dakota is Released

After a year of post production, research and interviews the full documentary is out on YouTube (see below).

Film Description:

North Dakota is a state imposed over 6 native nations and it has beauty unknown to most Americans. Follow Mike as he searches for backcountry ski lines in tough snow conditions in the beautiful Little Missouri Badlands. Set to local Mandan-Hidatsa music by Keith Bear we explore canyons and buttes and talk to locals about splitboarding and native history. Learn about the history of colonization and how it continues to affect both recreation access and native people. Dakota Access Pipeline protests are just a part of the entire story. Additional interviews with Len Necefer (PhD) and pro-snowboarder Jeremy Jones.

Full documentary: part one on skiing, part two on public and native lands and oil:



Check out Keith Bear’s amazing music, Jeremy Jone’s efforts at POW, and the work of Len of Natives Outdoors.

If you are a local, help fight total exploitation by connecting with the Badlands Conservation Alliance.

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