Skiing the Dakotas – Photos

I just returned from skiing the high points of both North and South Dakota as well as scouting skiing on other interesting topographic features of the state. You can expect an article about skiing each high point as well as supporting articles published on other sites and channels with the results. Below is a sample of some photos from the trip:

Black Hills
Black Elk Wilderness at sunset
Butte skiing in North Dakota
South Dakota powder on Black Elk Peak (Harney Peak)
Overlooking the cool wild valleys of Black Elk Wilderness
Little Missouri
The North Dakota Badlands – pretty much just cross country skiing found here in the valleys, some gully skiing is possible.
White Butte
On top of White Butte, North Dakota’s highest point. It rises 400 feet above an almost artic landscape and feels as if your on top of a much large peak due to the extreme cold and winds.