Massachusetts High Point Video is Released

Today a High Point Short episode on Mount Greylock was released. The short film blends never before released footage of the 2001 ski of the Thunderbolt Ski Trail with a more recent 2018 ski. The piece features beautiful shots of the Berkshires in mid-winter along with POV shots of the 1934 trail. At times you will see the trees on the side of the trail matched to show how things have changed and not changed. Today you’ll find a bridge where the guys had to leap the stream before.

Celebrate the last chunks of wild lands in Western Massachusetts with a trip of your own, after all the Thunderbolt Ski Trail is easy enough for single black diamond level skiers to navigate. Western Mass doesn’t get the same good snow cover as the Adirondacks, Green Mountains or White Mountains, but when there is a few feet on the ground you get all the same terrain with 2000′ vert off of several aspects. The trail makes Greylock a great beginner mountain for those interested in getting into backcountry, however if you go don’t boot up the trail, snowshoe or skin off to the side and follow the skin track trails for the uphill. Be aware of snowmobiles ripping across the road crossing up top (you’ll see that in the video, I almost got clobbered), and enjoy the “Big Bend” turn with the Eastern view!



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